VW T3/ T25 SyncroVanagon

1st Registr 1986 Color Ral 3000
Km 42.500 Km Engine 2100CC / 112HP
Fuel Petrol Price Sold
In the German National Park "The Eifel" we came across this great Volkswagen Syncro with a 2100CC 112HP WBX engine. This classic Van was original sold back in 1986 to a small community in Austria where it served 22 years at the local fire-fighting team. In 2008 the Van  was sold to the City of Kirn in "The Eifel" where it has been rarely used, it served more as a back-up. The Syncro comes with a lot of extras, the original blue-lights with the rare "4 tone air-driven Martinshorns", an electrical power unit 220V / 380V (belt driven from the Syncro engine), an air-press unit which can be used to raise the tower light air-cylinder and a lock on the rear wheels.  Also are the 2 original horn speakers still mounted on a roof rack.

The Syncro Van has an original odometer-reading of 42.500 Km. This is backed up by the maintenance history that comes with the Volkswagen. The service book shows services were done at 1.009 Km, 6.890 Km, 8.268 Km, 10.800 Km and 20.156 Km. More services were done at the fire fighting station but were not noted. There are however TUV / MOT documents from from 1986 and later that show odometer readings of 40.113 Km and 42.503 Km. The Van is in great condition, the interior and seats show little use. The Syncro has always been park inside the heated fire-house which of cause explains the great condition of the body and the chassis.