Mercedes 300Ce-24 cabriolet / W124

1e Registr. 1993 Color 744
Km 18.230 Km CC / KW 2960 / 162
Fuel Petrol Price Euro Sold
Back in 1993 this Mercedes 300CE-Cabrio-24 showroom model was purchased by a German dentist from his local Mercedes-Benz dealer. The car was specially bought that year because of the expected model change coming. With the model-change Mercedes would start the use the new water based paint technique. The Dentist didn't have much confidence in this new technique at that time he told us. The Mercedes Convertible has been sporadically used over the years and when it was taken out on the road, this was only done on dry summer days. History papers show that the registration of the Mercedes was suspended each wintertime. Also the chassis underneath confirms the use during summer weather only. Screws, brackets etc., they  tell so much about under what weather conditions cars have been used. About the extras this Mercedes has on-board, here is the list of SA-Codes. 211, 221, 222, 281, 300, 420, 440, 531, 551, 580, 600, 620, 652, 673, 740, 748, 752, 814, 873 and Leather 261.
Maintenance record show service was done at,
Km- 2.378: Service (Mercedes-Benz)
Km- 6.600: Inspection
Km- 8.557: Inspection
Km- 9.774: Service (Mercedes-Benz)
Km- 9.774: Inspection
Km- 9.774: Service (Mercedes-Benz)
Km- 14.922: Inspection
Km- 16.487: Service (Mercedes-Dealer)
Km- 16.495: Inspection
Km- 16.499: Service (Mercedes-Dealer)
Km- 18.064: Service (Mercedes-Dealer)
Km- 18.245: Service (MB-Classic), Inspection and Airco-service.

The combination of paint 744 in combination with interior code 261 is exactly the same combination as is shown in the official Mercedes E-Class Convertible brochure 1991.