Volvo 740GLT 2.3-16V

1e Registr. 1988 Color code 189
Km 62.400 Km HP / CC 122 / 2350
Fuel Petrol Price in Euro Sold

This is the Original Volvo GLT 2.3-16V from the 1988 Geneva Autoshow.  The Body-Kit is the original Volvo plant installed, no aftermarket set!! The Volvo was owned by Mr. Hans K. Sturzenegger, from Wolfsbaden (Switzerland) until 2012 when the Volvo was sold to a car collector here in the Netherlands. It was right after this collector bought the car at 57.000Km, when photo's were taken by a premier Dutch Collectors Car magazine for a 8 page article about  this special Volvo. The magazine of cause is included in the binder together with the cars original service book and user manual. Photo's of this all can be found on the next page where you also find a link to the photo's taken from this car at the "Bremer Autoshow" in Bremen Germany.  Service-book shows services were done at,

- Km: 1.017
- Km: 10,475
- Km: 17.070
- Km: 28.680
- Km: 32.605
- Km: 36.935
- Km: 47.019
- Km: 51.486
- Km: 55.483
- Km: 56.640 (This last one was done here at the Volvo Dealership, for a total of 1297, Euro) Including a new timing belt and new Rollers.

Besides the original car-papers, the binder also holds the Original Swiss Smogtest book with over 15 entries of officially noted and stamped odometer  readings!! Some Dutch papers, maintenance records etc.

About the condition of the Volvo, we think it could go for the highest grade, a 1A. Paint is the original in great condition, no repainting has been done. The Volvo has only been used as a collectors car, absolutely not been driven during wintertime so the chassis underneath, the suspension is completely free of corrosion and is looks almost as great as the day the car left the Volvo plant!! The interior shows no sunlight deterioration, not even signs of the car being used, very exceptional!!

5 Speed with overdrive, Power steering, Velour interior, Headrests front seats, Alloy rims, Sunroof, H.I Glass, Original Volvo Bumper light kit, Exclusive Volvo sound system and spoiler kit, all Volvo factory installed!! This all together with the 155HP engine, a very unique Volvo GLT.