Mercedes 500SL R129

1e Registr. 1992 Color code 929
Km 74.000 Km KW / CC 240 / 4973
Fuel Petrol Price in Euro Sold
In 1992, 3 years after the introduction of the Mercedes R129 series, this Mercedes 500SL was bought new by Mr. Hans Mettmann (1941) Germany. On his request, the Mercedes was delivered in one of the most exotic combinations of Nautical bleu 929 with a (dark) gray leather interior 248. The roadster was well taken care of and Mr Mettman had his car regularly serviced by the Mercedes-Benz dealer. With an average  of less than 4000 km a year, the Mercedes was not driven much these years and spent most of it's time inside Mr. Mettman's garage. There is always is a big difference between these summer cars that have been parked outdoors and cars that have been kept inside. It is easy to tell by the amount of sun-damage to the interior. This Roadster has none!! Leather, wood and instrument panels are still as fresh and colorful as when the car was sold new. In 2005 the Mercedes was taken over by a Dutch collector who owned the car for four years and drove it for just 14.000km total. In 2009 the Mercedes was sold to it last owner here in Holland. Going over the Mercedes past and trough the cars history with the last owner, it was made clear to us that these last two owners, just like the first one, have been given the best care possible to their Mercedes. The way these people talk about maintaining and preserving the car, people with a passion for classics. Services book shows service were done at,

- Km: 0 Service delivery on New  (Mercedes Lueg D)
- Km: 4.575 Service, 1993 (Mercedes Lueg, Velbert D)
- Km: 13.059 Service,1994 (Mercedes Lueg, Velbert D)
- Km: 17.013 Service, 1994 (Mercedes, Velbert D)
- Km: 27.453 Service, 1997 (Mercedes Oversohl, Essen D)
- Km: 31.000 Service 1998 (Mercedes Oversohl, Essen D)
- Km: 34.285 Service, 1999 (Mercedes Oversohl, Essen D)
- Km: 43.662 Service, 2004 (Mercedes Oversohl, Essen D)
- Km: 45.644 Service, 2007 (Mercedes Beverwijk, NL)
- Km: 58.417 Service 2009 (VW, Leeuwarden NL)
- Km: 64.514 Service 2011 (Mercedes Ema, Valkenswaard NL)
- Km: 67.688 Service 2012 (Mercedes Classic Specialist NL)
- Km: 69.572 Service 2013 (Mercedes Classic Specialist NL)
- Km: 71.589 Service 2014 (Mercedes Wensink NL)
- Km: 74.490 Service 2015 (Mercedes Wensink NL)

Transmission, brakes, air-condition and power steering all recently serviced and up to date as it should!!

SA Codes: 260, 281, 283, 291, 531, 581, 590, 652, 744, 750, 873 and Interior 278

Many documents can be found in the cars history binder. From the Original German title and registration to maintenance records from the Mercedes-Benz dealer, APK and TUV tests and not to forget, the original data card. A great Roadster in original condition. Dent and scratch free, no restoration, no repainting. Paint measured with a professional paint thickness gauge.