Mercedes 230CE / 123

1e Registr. 1980 Color code 476
Km 73.000 Km KW / CC 100 / 2276
Fuel Petrol Price in Euro Sold
From new on only used as summer car and therefore still in perfect condition. This 35 year old Mercedes 230CE has original just 73.000 Km on its odometer-reader and was purchased in the rare but beautiful combination of Gold brown 476 / cloth 034. All services are correctly noted in the service book. The car was originally sold in Stuttgart Germany in 1980 to it's first owner, Mr. F.C. Müller, who kept the Mercedes for 16 years. In 1996 the Mercedes was sold to a Family also living in Stuttgart. This Family kept the 230CE until 2005 when the Mercedes was sold to a collector, Mr Wolfgang B., a little north of Stuttgart. An extremely well preserved Mercedes Coupe. Just take a close look at the pictures we took from the engine compartment and the chassis underneath, lots of places where you can still see the original Mercedes factory wax. Not only a good indication of originality, but also a good indication on how the car was stored. These signs, just like the color of the bolds, nuts and brackets always tell us a lot of how well people took care of their car. The service book shows services were done at and by,

Km: 1.839 ( Mercedes Stuttgart)
Km: 9.808 (Mercedes Stuttgart)
Km: 22.232 (Mercedes Stuttgart)
Km: 31.400 (Mercedes Waiblingen)
Km: 42.731 (Peugeot, Stuttgart)
Km: 51.238 (Mercedes Stuttgart Untertürkheim)
Km: 60.260 (Mercedes Stuttgart, Untertürkheim)
Km: 73.704 (Mercedes Benz Classic Balk)

S.A. codes: 410-automatic, 420-sunroof electric, 466-central lock, 656-alu rims und Interior 34, paint 476.  Great detail, the owners always kept the original brown wheel caps with the car. Of cause you will get them too.

Can a 35 year old classic be without any signs of ever being used? No, but this car has so little of that, you really have to look very precise to even find signs of usage. Take a look at the wooden panels, you will only find them in this shape when owners took really good care of their car. An other good sign is that the trunk has no scratches at all on the inside. So it is probably not or at the most just used just very little. A non smoking car, all original papers including the original German title and original books, service and user guide/instruction manual.